1965 to 65


September 1965
after escaping a locked mental ward
in South Australia and hitchhiking
back to Sydney…with only enough money
to buy a cold meat pie….
a truckie picked me up
at the top of the hill outside Adelaide
and shared his speed, food and drinks
on the long haul home
2 days later he delivered me
outside The Piccolo
both raving about a tiger
we’d seen somewhere on a back road
we saw the same animal so….
i was 21 shortly afterwards
dear god what a miserable day that was
somewhere in Kings Cross
while soaking in the bath
eating the chocolate cake
my grandmother had posted
as a celebratory present
February 2010
44 years later
the young woman i was
and my foolhardy escapades
seem to be someone else’s dream
or nightmare
or mad whim trapped in
an ancient memory bubble
which i can no longer relate to
or recognise as something to do with me
the trappings of youth hidden now
within the creases and scars
of aging skin
and cautious mind
made so from experience
and i wonder often
how i managed to survive to write
of those times
f. yule 2010






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